Curbside Pick-Up


  • Curbside pickup will be for orders made on with shipping set to curbside pick-up (we will still be shipping out orders if you still want your items shipped!). You can also use this option for in-store pick-up if you wish to come into the store to pick up your item.

  • Once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation email that we have your order ready and you can head over. If you don't receive an email in a timely fashion please call the store at (609)-569_9200.

  • Once we have confirmed your order is ready head to the mall during our curbside pick-up hours: Tue-Sat 2 pm-7 pm. (We will NOT be at the store outside of these hours so please plan accordingly)

  • Park at the mall entrance at the back of the mall nearest our store. This entrance is near where the Sears back entrance and mechanics entrances were, up the hill from the Forever 21 and H&M entrances. Check the bottom of the page for a map of where this is.

  • From there call the store at (609)-569-9200 and let us know who you are, what order you made, and the car you are in. We will come down to your car and we ask that you to have your trunk or back seat already open so we can place your order in your vehicle. Please have either your ID or order up on your phone for verification of your order, hold them up to your window so we can see them when we come by. We will place your order in your trunk or back seat and then you are good to go!

We ask that you follow these rules put in place by us and the mall, we have a right to not give you your items if we find you aren't following the rules set in place. These rules are here for the safety of our staff and our customers and we will follow them strictly so please be courteous and follow them as well.

We thank you for the support and your understanding, curbside pick-up is new to us and we hope it’ll be an easy process for both us and our customers!