All Star Squadron #8 (1982)

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Writer: Roy Thomas

Artist: Adrian Gonzales 

On December 30th 1941, in Ottawa, while addressing the Canadian Parliament, Winston Churchill is almost assassinated by the Black Assassin, but the first shot misses, and Churchill’s bodyguards, Sir Justin and Liberty Belle, leap into action. The Assassin is armed with a laser rifle. Two Canadian soldiers try to capture him alive, but he guns one of them down before the two All-Stars reach his position. He shoots the Shining Knight right in the chest, he falls, then Liberty Bell leaps onto him and smacks him about for a moment, before the cowled intruder grabs a large nearby flag and tangles her up in it, then lines up another shot at Churchill. That’s when Steel, the Indestructible Man, jumps in and punches the daylights out of him. He grabs the “light rifle” and squashes its firing mechanism with one hand, but the “Scwarzer Meuchelmorder” is wearing a suicide bomb belt, and just as Steel pounces on him, he sets it off!

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