Avengers #179 (1979)

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Writer: Tom Defalco

Artist: Jim Mooney

The Stinger, a mysterious foe out to destroy the Avengers, captures the Black Panther. At the Natural History Museum, as the other Avengers host a benefit, Bloodhawk, a strange avian being, unsuccessfully attempts to steal one of the exhibits, a totem from the island of Muara. He and his companion are taken to Avengers Mansion, where the latter relates how the genetics experiments of Bloodhawk's father resulted in his child's strange mutant form. Bloodhawk was given into his teacher's care, and the two retreated to isolated Muara, where Bloodhawk must often be caged due to his periodic bouts of insanity. Now they have returned to civilization to effect the return of the island's sacred totem, which protects Muara from supernatural harm. The Avengers divide their forces. Thor, the Vision, and the Beast accompany Bloodhawk and Teacher back to Muara, where they arrive to behold a gigantic stone figure menacing the island, even as their teammates in New York are attacked by the Stinger.