Avengers #203 (1980)

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Writer: David Michelinie

Artist: Carmine Infantino

Lost at night in a strange neighborhood, Wonder Man and the Beast enter the city sewers to search for a missing child supposedly menaced by strange creatures called Crawlers. When they find young Hugo Lopez, he proves to have befriended the Crawlers, who were accidentally created from the illegally dumped wastes of anaerobic mutation research. Despite the interference of a group of street toughs, the heroes return the boy home, but he again runs away from his abusive mother and rejoins the sewer creatures. The misguided locals return, armed with explosives, and a fight breaks out. The Crawlers are being burned alive by incendiary chemicals when an explosion destroys the sewer wall, sucking water, Crawlers, and Hugo Lopez out into the river. Exiting the sewer, Wonder Man and the Beast turn to find that everyone else has vanished, and when they try to report the incident, there is no evidence that anything has happened.