Batman #386 (1985)

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Writer: Doug Moench

Artist: Tom Mandrake

Roman Sionis is born to wealthy parents Charles Sionis and his unnamed mother, then immediately dropped on his head by the doctor. Even at his birth his parents were more focused on their "masks," with his father more concerned about the press photos and his mother more concerned with her makeup. They decided not to sue the doctor who dropped Roman because they did not want their names muddied by a common lawsuit. Growing up Roman witnessed his family put on "masks" of normalcy to impress their socialite friends, such as Thomas and Martha Wayne. He grew to despise these encounters and the way his parents forced him to act. At the age of 12 his family went on a vacation in the woods. He had seen a cartoon about a friendly raccoon and he tried to pet one in the wild, viewing it as a friend because it also wore a "mask." The raccoon had rabies and bit him. He nearly died, stumbling around the woods for hours calling for his parents. The chauffeur eventually found him and saved his life.

**First Appearance of Black Mask**