Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 2 - Xbox

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Konami's popular dancing series continues with DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION ULTRAMIX 2 for the Xbox. With more songs, more modes, and a definite increase in difficulty, newcomers and DDR experts will quickly break a sweat as they pound the game pad in time to the music. DDR ULTRAMIX 2 doesn't mess with the classic, unbeatable DDR pattern. Instead, it builds on it, adding new modes and online extras. Players have the option of creating their own DDR step routines with editor mode or counting burned calories in workout mode. New to Ultramix 2 is challenge mode. In this single player game, the dancer must reach certain goals to increase their skill levels. These goals include not missing any steps or, on later levels, not stepping on the poison arrows. For multiplayer fun, there are several new battle games that rate players on accuracy or score. Party mode, for up to four players, includes even more multiplayer games and extras, including attack mode (where accuracy can cause other players problems) and bomb mode (pass the hot potato with a few quick steps before it explodes!). Then there's quad mode, which has players dancing across four DDR mats put together in an effort to hit all the correct arrows. Whether a DDR newcomer or a master dancer, all gamers will find DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION ULTRAMIX 2 challenging. And with the added bonus of staying in shape, DDR ULTRAMIX will even keep gamers healthy it doesn't get any better than that.

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