Heroineburgh Comics #1

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Heroineburgh is a live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh which is also now a comic book series and a comic strip (in our local alt-weekly, Pittsburgh Current). It's influenced by 80s titles like George Perez's New Teen Titans, Chris Claremont's X-Men and Bill Black's Fem Force, Chuck Dixon's run on Birds of Prey, as well as newer comics like Ultra, Sirens, Heroines, Empowered, and Punchline. We also bring influence from TV shows like Wonder Woman, Adam West Batman, Isis, Elektra Woman & Dyna Girl, Xena, Buffy, Dark Angel, Painkiller Jane, Witchblade & Black Scorpion, as well as the roster of great heroines in the current lineup of TV shows, especially Geoff Johns' Stargirl.

The premise of the series is that a dark-energy meteor explodes above Pittsburgh, causing epigenetic changes on XX chromosomes, imbuing dozens of women with amazing superhuman powers. Those who use their powers to help the city found the Pittsburgh Heroine League, endorsed by the mayor and a police department liaison, but the women who use their abilities for evil ends are recruited by a secret cabal called the Black Faction, whose goal is to discredit the heroines and resume their crime and corruption.

The characters in the series represent the various diverse neighborhoods, ethnicities, professions and subcultures of the city. The stories deal with some serious topics but the mood is generally light and campy. Our tagline: “action, adventure, comedy and romance, in the finest spandex and capes!”

The live-action episodes have been steadily produced and released since 2017. They are available for download from our website. There are currently 17 episodes available - the series is in the middle of its 2nd season - with the new one just recently released. Our Youtube channel has over 500K views!

Heroineburgh Comics #1 is the first comic book of the series, telling stories which occur in and around the episodes. The cover artist is Pittsburgh's own Jason Wright, longtime DC Comics freelancer who is currently coloring the Metal Men run for Dan Didio, and also colored the cover of Nightwing #70. Jason also worked on Secret Six, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Cassandra Cain Batgirl, and many other series. The interior artist/letterer, Benjamin Zeus Barnett, and the back cover artist Marcel Walker (of "Chutz-Pow! Heroes of the Holocaust") are also from Pittsburgh.