TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament - Genesis

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TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96 is the sequel to TNN Bass Tournament of Champions. It shares many elements with the PC game of the same name, but that version has an isometric-style map and a full 3D view for the fishing sequences. Just like the original game it is a fishing simulator that allows the player to access a free fishing mode or to participate in a fishing tournament. First, equipment needs to be bought. It consists of lures, rods, reels, lines and boats. Better items can only be acquired by winning money in tournaments.

After selecting the equipment the game takes the player to a top-down map where one of the six available lakes can be explored. The included lakes exist in real life. They are Lake Okeechobee, Truman Reservoir, Lake Erie West, Dale Hollow, Lake Eufaula, and Bull Shoals. Through a monitor an appropriate spot for fishing can be found. Once set, the game then switches to a 3rd-person over the shoulder view, similar to the earlier SNES version instead of the previous Genesis game. Casting is done through a power meter and it is possible to do bad casts that need to be retried. Once in the water the camera switches to a top-down view inside the water. Players can watch the bottom surface and fish swimming by. When reeling in one of five available speeds can be chosen and the bait can still be moved. The game starts at 7.30 in the morning and the boat needs to return in time to weigh the fish.

In the free fishing mode various parameters can be defined such as the season, weather, starting time and wind strength. In a tournament these change dynamically. The game includes a music player for the soundtrack.