Robotrek - SNES

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Welcome to Rococo!

Since moving into town. these are the only words you‘ve heard all day. Being the son of a World Famous Inventor doesn‘t seem to help either. Someday people will call YOU the Worlds Greatest Inventor! Rich and Famous! Wow!

You can hardly wait to get your hands on the 'lnvention Machine' your father built in the basement... It only he would let you near it!

For now. a rogue band of pirates called, Hackers, have invaded Rococo. Everyone has panicked. No one seems to know what they want. Half of you wants to help your father with the Hackers. while the other half is dying to get downstairs. If only you could find away... bored stiff. you decide to read a book.

That's when it hits you...

Welcome back to another great RPG from ENIX!

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