Space Channel 5 - Dreamcast

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The games revolve around players controlling the funky space reporter, Ulala, as she grooves to rescue hostages and stop the enemy. Each level is split up into several parts, revolving around dance-offs or shoot-outs, during which the player must repeat commands spoken by the opponent (Up, Down, Left, Right and Shoot) in time to the rhythm. Dance-offs involve dancing against an opponent, with some routines differing depending on the player's performance, while shoot-outs require players to shoot attacking enemies and rescue hostages. Successful moves increaseratings while making mistakes will lower ratings and cause the player to lose hearts, possibly causing them to lose hostages. If the player loses all their hearts during certain battles, or if the ratings drop too low, the player will have to restart the level. Clearing the game unlocks an alternate story mode with some differences.

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