Street Fighter EX2 Plus - Playstation

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Conquering the World of 3-D Fighters! Capcom’s all-time, leading fighting flagship series once again goes 3-D with Street Fighter EX 2 Plus, the sequel to the top-selling Street Fighter EX Plus for the PlayStation game console. Loaded with new enhancements, modes of play and an expanded cast of characters, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus delivers amazing 3-D graphics, lightning fast animation and Capcom’s signature gameplay. Play one-on-one with a buddy or create your own unique Street Fighter team using up to five fighters. Once you’ve perfected your moves, edit your replay data to create and star in your own movie. • The improved sequel to the best-selling, Street Fighter EX Plus • 3-D fighting action with amazing 3-D graphics, lightning fast animation and Capcom signature game mechanics • Loaded with new play features like the Excel Move, Meteor Combo Super Attack, Guard Break and the Super Cancel • 23 selectable characters from the Street Fighter universe • 7 Modes of gameplay – Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, Practice Mode, Training Mode, Trial Mode, Director Mode and Bonus Mode • Featured in the Capcom Edge frequent buyers program

ESRB Rating: T - Teen

Genre(s): Fighting |

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