How to Pre-order and Subscribe to Comics!

Level Up Entertainment, like most comic shops, offers a subscription service for our customers, but... 

What does it mean to subscribe to comics?

Well it means letting us know that you want comics ahead of time, either ongoing series or individual comic issues, and from there we will order and put aside those comics for you. From then on you can stop by the store to get your books, or even get them mailed to you! We give you a discount on the comics for letting us know ahead of time you want them and in return we ask that you pick up your books at least once a month. That's it!

How do I sign up to subscribe to comics?

At Level Up Entertainment we're very proud to be part of the Manage Comics 2.0 system. The Manage Comics system allows our customers to sign up for and manage their own comic subscription completely from our web store, (the very one you are on right now!) Now if you aren't too tech savvy and maybe aren't able to access a computer all the time we still can fully sign up and manage your comics for you, but we feel Manage Comics is a very easy interface and gives you a lot of power and freedom in your comics buying that we couldn't offer before.

If you're still raring to go and want to sign up right now we suggest you follow this handy video from Manage Comics itself!

Once you have your account all set up you are good to go to get your comics set aside and picked up at our Level Up Entertainment store in Mays Landing NJ, but if you're looking to get your comics mailed to you then you have an extra step. So once you've logged in you click the "Subscribe to Comics" link at the top of our web page, you then navigate to "My Subscriptions." From there you have a few options but if you click "Shipping Preferences" you can now pick from:

  • Local Pick-Up - If you're looking to grab your comics from the store only
  • Weekly Shipping - You'll get an invoice weekly for what comics you got. You won't get an invoice on weeks you don't get comics. This is recommended if you want to get a lot of comics
  • Bi-Weekly Shipping - You'll get an invoice every two weeks.
  • Monthly Shipping - You'll get an invoice monthly, this is recommended for most shipping customers.

If you want your comics shipped to you then you can pick whichever method of receiving invoices suits you best. We can also send invoices by request if you're uncertain if you'll fall into one of these categories completely.

How do I subscribe to or pre-order comics?

We're glad you asked, as stated before you can ask any associate at the store to add, remove, or change items on your comics subscription list, but if you're looking to have more control over your list check out the video below!

 Through Manage Comics and our web store you can pre-order almost any comic! Comics do have a timeframe in which we need to order them before they come out (known of the Final Order Cut-off or FOC) so the sooner you subscribe to the comic the better! If you're looking to not miss a single issue we recommend checking out Previews!

What is Previews?

Previews is a set of books put out by different comic publishers to show off the books that are coming out in the upcoming months that you can order. You can check out the Previews by buying the physical copies we have at the store (you can even add these to your pull list), clicking on the Previews banner on "Subscribe to Comics" landing page, or you can watch us go over the highlights on social media the Thursday after the Previews come out! If you're a DC or Marvel only fan they have separate previews (Called DC Connect and Marvel Previews) that you can get for free in the same formats mentioned above.

I still need help!

No worries! We are here to help! You can contact the store via e-mail at, by phone at 1(609)-569-9200, or by stopping by the store and asking in person! 

You can also check out this handy F.A.Q. page