Air Diver - Genesis

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A terrorist organization led by a fanatic operating out of the Middle East has brought together a military force capable of holding the entire world hostage, backed by a lot of evil governments. The player needs to board a F-119 stealth fighter and stay undetected while taking out all opposition.

Although technically boarding a stealth fighter, no stealth elements are involved. After choosing one from the different locations on the map, the player is shown flying from a first-person cockpit perspective and enemies do not seem to have trouble locating the player's aircraft. In different solo missions the player needs to take out all opposition using regular bullets and lock-on missiles. All statistics, including the remaining time before running out of fuel and the enemies on the radar, are shown in the cockpit HUD. The craft is able to move left and right, and use a boost to do sideways rolls or complete loops to get behind enemies. Some shots can be taken, leading to body damage, but incoming missiles are usually fatal and those need to be shot or avoided. Next to regular enemies, there are also a few boss planes. Missions take place all over the world during different times of day.