Rocket Raccoon & Groot Volume 0: Bite And Bark

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(W/A) Various (CA) Skottie Young
They're your favorite Guardians. They're everyone's favorite Guardians! And this is what they get up to when they're not on Guard duty! Rocket is the last of his kind, but that might not be the case for long when he's framed for murder. Can he prove his innocence, and save his own life? Rocket must try to fix his past mistakes, journey to the dreaded Winter Planet and risk everything to rescue his best bud! Who's that, you say? He is Groot! And he has to step up in turn when Rocket gets raccoon-napped! Groot will uproot, branch out alone and em-bark on a cosmic odyssey filled with aliens, sharks, explosions and the Silver Surfer. Far out! Collecting ROCKET RACCOON (2014) #1-11, GROOT #1-6 and material from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: TOMORROW'S AVENGERS #1.
Rated T