Super! Volume 1

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Independently published and critically acclaimed, "SUPER!" follows a ragtag team of amateur heroes as they struggle to make a name for themselves in a universe dominated by more popular, established teams. In the grand tradition of "the Venture Bros." and "Mystery Men", "SUPER!" is a loving homage to the genre that knows when to laugh at itself and isn't afraid to poke fun at comic tropes along the way. Amidst the craziness and chaos of a new comic universe where supers are commonplace, the greatest superhero story of our generation is about to begin...

"SUPER!" Volume One is a stunning, full-color compilation of the first five issues of this ground-breaking comic by Unlikely Heroes Studios, lauded by critics everywhere as "...the kind of comic you want to be reading." So come along with Blitz, the Furious Fire-Ant, Max Archer, and the rest of the team as they square off against the forces of evil and their own hilarious shortcomings. Don't miss your chance to own this handheld, action-packed thrillride!